Bonsai pencil holder

CTCO - Gifts - 2020/01/13

Laser Style Italia, an Italian company specialising in the marking and cutting of all materials by laser, operates on a national and European level.
Among its achievements, the company offers the customization of many media such as crystals, plaques and trophies. She can also design objects such as packaging, displays, and totems. The company aims to be creative and equipped with the know-how to advise each customer in the best possible way for guaranteed satisfaction.

Recently Laser Style Italia worked in collaboration with Perpetua, an Italian company that produces designer promotional gifts made from recycled materials. Together, they created Bonsaï, an atypical pencil holder with a sought-after design, with the objective of creating a unique and innovative object using 100% recyclable materials.

The vegetable shape supports its ecological aspect and goes very well with Perpetua’s “Tailor Made” pencils. The bonsai has a wooden structure and steel leaves. It is available in standard version or in customized version by laser engraving applied to the steel part.
Perpetua’s “Tailor Made” pencils are made with 80% recycled graphite powder. No protective varnish is added. This pencil does not break in case of a fall, written without a lead, does not dirty hands and lasts twenty times longer than traditional pencils.
The Bonsai pencil holder is for anyone who wants to reduce their impact on the environment and who values design.


porte-crayon bonsaï laser style italia perpetua