Personalized food accessories

CTCO - The 2020/11/10

CTCO presents you with personalized accessories for your meals. Discover the products of Baladéo, Blue Collection and Clipper :





Baladéo proposes a new eco-friendly bento model with double compartment. A useful gift for everyday use, answering exactly to the current desires and aspirations of society. In addition to offering a neat aestheticism, its bamboo lid allows you to have a cutting board at hand. Finally, the choice to use rice husk fiber, and not bamboo fiber, allows us to offer a melamine-free product, successfully tested for its food compliance in a French laboratory.









The sushi set (ref. 16528) for two people, proposed by Blue Collection, includes a bamboo and stone board, bamboo chopsticks with saucers and bowls for the sauce. An original idea that will please all sushi lovers.









Clipper’s Bento Eco Meal Box (item no. 4838) is a durable and environmentally friendly box made of 50% wheat straw fiber and 50% PP plastic. Its lid closes perfectly thanks to the silicone seal. The lunch box has a ventilation opening with a silicone stopper. The lunch box has a ventilation opening with a silicone cap and can therefore be safely placed in the microwave. Supplied with a fork, a spoon and a 3-in-1 knife, it is ideal for meals on the go. Inside, there is a removable divider and an elastic band. The box can be stored in the refrigerator and can therefore also be used as an airtight food container.