2 in 1 sun and frost protection: a promotional gift for the whole year

Objet - 2020/11/26

R3D launches this new advertising sun visor for folding cars, which is also a winter frost protection without the need to change products.

In summer it is used inside the car exactly like a traditional sun visor, while in winter it is placed on the car windscreen outside once the “winter kit” has been applied. This winter kit consists of two extensions that are applied to each end of the sun visor and which allow the product to remain attached to the car in case of bad weather, simply close the doors on it and the windscreen will not blow away.

Very ecological, it is made from 80% recycled plastic. Its production does not generate any waste since all of it is reintroduced into the production line to make new products. 50% of the energy used to manufacture the product comes from the sun, thanks to the 5,000 m2 of solar panels installed on the three manufacturing sites. To find out more about the entire manufacturing process, go to: www.ecofriendlyfactory.com .

Because of its large printing surface, the advertising sunshade is a highly sought-after product because of its high visibility. It can be printed in full colour over the entire surface or in one, two, three or four-colour screen printing on a maximum size of 80x50cm. Three background colours are available in addition to silver metallic, namely red, blue metallic and white. It is also possible to choose the colour of the press stud in white or black as well as the colour of the closing flap which is available in white, silver metallic, blue or red.

R3D offers a wide range of sun visors (metallic, cardboard, side) and frost protection covers, as well as car accessories, sun visor packaging and bubble wrap.