klio protect® – for environmental and health protection

CTCO - Objet - 2020/12/10

With the new klio protect® brand, the writing instrument manufacturer Klio-Eterna combines the themes of durability, health and promotional effectiveness in a unique range of writing instruments. Based on the recycled models Jona, Trias and Zeno, which are produced in a sustainable and resource-saving way, Klio-Eterna addresses with the new klio protect® models the currently most important topic – health. Equipped with an antibacterial protective function, the new Jona recycling antibacterial, Trias recycling antibacterial and Zeno recycling antibacterial models offer sustainable added value for health in addition to the ecological aspect.

The protective effect of the products is achieved by means of a special treatment method or in particular by adding additives to the plastic granules. This reduces the number of micro-organisms on the product surface and the risk of infection by infectious agents considerably.

The writing instruments are available in glossy white as standard. For colourful accents, the clip and the pusher can be combined in 8 attractive colours.

Special service PMS 3000: From 3,000 pieces, all components of the 3 models can be produced in individual special colours.