Luxury Art-display enjoy Gravity Off with Flyvision

CTCO - Gifts - 2020/12/19

We know, this is a hard time for every company but there is still a way to give your brand a boost despite the current situation. Prepare for the good times with Flyvision and get the magic spicy factor which is a part of every successful company.

Flyvision believe it has created something unique and unprecedented. Presenting products and objects has never been so puzzling, yet attractive to the eye.

This installations display the objects placed within levitating in space, triggering thereby curiosity and intellectual challenge attracting attention, inciting thinking and the search for solutions.

The result is a deep and lasting imprint with positive associations towards the object displayed.

This vitrines are therefore perfectly suitable as exclusive image building, product introduction and advertising tools, but also as ornaments for private homes or as part of interior design.

Flyvision latest innovation:

While levitating your product, in Art-display, the newest features provide you a lot of freedom:

  • Front of the display can be opened and closed
  • Smaller objects can be freely changed
  • Changeable background
  • Display can be locked with a key
  • Remote controlled lighting and coloures with our “Full Light” option

With this technical developement Flyvision offer to his partners more flexibility of a multi-use Flyvision display. The company is really proud of bringing you a premium marketing solution that will make your brand stand out and “fly” over the competition.