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Promoseed calendar

5 Challenges to test Promoseed commitment to the Planet! We no longer present you the box "my challenges for the planet" proposed by Promoseeds, dressed in 2023 exclusively for your mailings.   Promoseeds is the business gift department of the French company RADIS ET CAPUCINE, managed by Catherine and Jean-Sébastien Griffaton, historically a family of seed producers. When we asked to summarize the company's values in a few words, they immediately answer: "Plants have been our business for 30 years. Innovation is in our ...
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Efanshop, a Polish manufacturer specialising in sportswear, and in particular supporter scarves, will once again be present at CTCO to show you its products and know-how.   Club scarves with your own design - universal products for fans Held in the hands in stadiums while singing the name of your beloved team, hung on the wall to remind you of a memorable match, wrapped around the neck on a cold winter day - printed scarves work well in many situations. Most often, of ...
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New WK pants and shorts. Designed To Work

At KARIBAN BRANDS, 2023 is marked by the arrival of many work pants from the specialist workwear brand: WK. Designed To Work. The young brand is growing fast and now has a wide range of work equipment and specific and ergonomic outfits that can be worn day after day. Large choice of sizes, attractive colors to match, unisex pieces or on the contrary designed for female or male morphology, everything is thought to adapt to different working environments and to ...
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Heri emotion factory, active for biodiversity

Active for biodiversity What happens if the birds don’t wake us up in the morning with their chirping? This would have a drastic effect on the insect and plant world. The good news is: with its products for birds, the emotion factory from Fischbach has decided to take active action against this species extinction and to expand the core topics of climate change, forests, indoor climate and biodiversity for these useful animals.   With the birdhouse, the bird feed box, the bird feed to-go ...
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Interview with ADE publicité

As an exhibitor and partner of the CTCO 2023, ADE Publicité is once again producing the "Must" trophy, which will be awarded to the innovative product of the year. At ADE, everything is manufactured on-site, in Northern Isère (30 minutes from the CTCO ... it couldn't be more local!). ADE has been a specialist in point-of-sale advertising (POS), business gifts, promotional items and signage for 30 years and will be present again at the CTCO 2023 trade fair in Lyon. We wanted ...
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Cybernecard : Buxbom shirt

This beautiful Buxbom shirt has a straight cut and an Italian collar, which in most cases is the ideal shirt collar for everyone and every occasion. To test the collar size, you should easily button the collar, leaving room for two fingers, no more. Designed for optimum comfort, the shirt is made of double-twisted cotton, made from the finest fibres and a special manufacturing process that involves weaving the cotton threads together in pairs. The fabric is very durable, with a ...
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