This FAQ sheet answers the most frequently asked questions. For all other questions, please contact us by emailing welcome@salon-ctco.com or using the chat window at the bottom of your screen.


    • 1- How do I get an ID badge?

      There are two ways to get your badge:

      This year, we have simplified the badge system, and you can print it yourself. We process each registration form manually, so it can take between 48 and 72 hours for your registration to be approved. You will, however, receive a confirmation email which confirms that your registration form is being processed:

      Once your registration form has been approved by our visitor department, you will receive a second confirmation email:

      With your badge attached in PDF format. Print it and ensure you wear it as your ID badge during the 3 days of the trade show:

      If possible, print your badge in colour.
      Check that the bar code, QR Code and personal code are clearly visible.
      A badge holder will be provided at the trade show entrance.
      If you do not have a printer, we can print your badge for you when your registration form is processed and approved.

      Please remember that each registration (either pre-registration or on-the-day registration) will also be subject to approval by our teams. We will check each business activity to determine the level of accessibility that you will have to our trade shows. Remember, only promotional garment and gift retailers, or corporate gift retailers, will have access to the CTCO trade show. Once approved, your badge is valid for the 3 days of the event.

      Without supporting documents, the organizer reserves the right to refuse your request for a badge if he/she believes that your profile is not in keeping with the promotional garment and gift industry.

    • 2- My request for a badge has been refused. What can I do?

      There are two outcomes:

      A request for information: This means that we have not successfully determined the nature of your business activity. This is not a refusal of a badge. As our trade show is limited to professionals only, when we have not obtained information on your company, we send you this request so that you can send us documents that will justify access to our trade shows.

      A refusal: this very rarely happens. It means that we have determined that your registration form did not meet the entry requirements for our trade show and we have refused access to you. Nevertheless, this could mean that we have incorrectly interpreted your information, in which case, we encourage you to contact our visitor department directly.

    • 3- Does my badge give me access to the entire trade show?

      Your level of access to the trade show is determined by the nature of your main business activity. Remember, only promotional garment and gift retailers and distributors will have access to the CTCO trade show. In theory, all professionals can access the C!Print trade show.

      To see your access level, simply look at the attachment in your confirmation email.
      Your access level is determined by our interpretation of your business activity. This could mean that we have not taken all of the elements into account or that we have incorrectly interpreted the information. If this is the case, we encourage you to contact our visitor department directly to clarify your situation.

    • 4- I need a letter of invitation for my visa application, where can I find it?

      First of all, you must apply for your badge online here on the website. Once your registration has been processed and approved, you can follow this link to request for an invitation letter and the visitor service will provide you a personalized invitation letter in PDF format. Under no circumstances are our departments authorized to contact embassies to support your case. The visitor is solely responsible for the visa application.

    • 5- What do I do if I have not received or have lost my badge?

      The first thing to do is check your inbox to make sure that the email we sent has not gone to the spam folder.
      If this happens before the trade show: Please send an email with your first name, last name, company name and your email address to our visitor department.
      During the trade show: You are registered on our pre-registration website, We will be able to retrieve it from our database and provide you with your badge.

    • 6- What do I do if I haven’t printed/brought my badge?

      When your badge was approved, an email was sent with your badge attached in PDF format. Simply print off the badge and bring it with you to the trade show.
      If you have problems printing your badge, don’t worry. As your registration has already been processed, you can still come along to the trade show and we will issue your badge once you are there, subject to you providing your company name and your full name.

    • 7- Can I still register even if I don’t have an invitation code?

      Yes, absolutely. When you request your badge, you don’t need to fill in the invitation code box.

    • 8- How do I get invitation code?

      They are usually sent by our suppliers (trade show exhibitors). We also have organization codes that we can send you.

    • 9- Student groups, training centers: what are the conditions of access and registration?

      We remind you that the event is reserved for professionals in promotional products and textiles. Therefore, students are not allowed at the trade show

    • 10- How do I get a badge if I am establishing a business or a job seeker?

      For those who are establishing a business, you can still use the online registration form; simply write “Currently being established” in the company name section.
      As we process each registration manually, this will enable us to quickly establish the nature of your request. We can then grant you access to the C!Print trade show, which is open to all professionals. If you would like access to the CTCO trade show, we encourage you to contact our visitor department directly, which will consider each case individually.

    • 11- Can I access the trade show if I am not a professional or retired from the profession

      Private individuals are not granted access to our event as it is a trade show solely for professionals.
      If you are retired from the profession, you may be granted access to the trade show subject to acceptance by the visitor department. In this particular case, we encourage you to contact our visitor department before completing your registration form.

    • 12- How do I register several people / can I still add other colleagues if I have already completed my registration form?

      When registering on our website, you have the option of adding several badges to the bottom of the same registration. When you are filling out the “Last name”, “First name” and “Email address” fields, you will see a button that lets you add other colleagues.

    • 13- I haven’t been able to register as I received an error message.

      This should be looked at on a case by case basis as there could be several reasons for the error:

      • System error
      • Already submitted
      • Incorrect invitation code (make sure that lower case and upper case letters are correct)
      • You have not filled out a field on your form (in general, all fields are obligatory)

      And how do I fix it?
      Contact the visitor department

    • 14- What is the deadline for registering online?

      You can register online on our website up to the day before the trade show. If you did not have time to pre-register, you can get your badge directly at the trade show on the day.

    • 15- Pre-registration is closed, can I still get my badge on the day?

      If you have an invitation, come along on the day of the trade show and you will receive your badge free of charge. Only those who arrive without an invitation will have to pay.

    • 16- What supporting professional document do I need to bring to get a badge at the trade show?

      All badge requests are subject to a document-based check. See entry conditions
      Kbis extract or SIRET number or supplier invoices less than 3 months old.

      If a badge request is not approved, it will be refused. For more information, contact our visitor department. All badge requests will be checked beforehand and on entry to the trade show.

    • 17- Are children and animals allowed into the trade show ?

      Our trade show is a professional meeting place for employees in the communication and direct on garment printing industry. There are numerous machines on display as well as inks, solvents and other products that could be very toxic. Based on this information, we have decided to prohibit access to our event to children under 18. Animals are not permitted either.


    • 1- What topics are discussed during workshops, conferences and round tables ?

      The CTCO and C!Print trade shows give you genuine added value thanks to their real content and strong thematic paths. Different topics are discussed: workshops for silkscreen printing, embroidery, e-business, marketplace, products… in the form of conferences and practical workshops. Take a look at the programme here.

    • 2- Can I have documents and catalogues that I have received from exhibitors delivered to me?

      Thanks to our partner TNT, you can leave the trade show empty handed and have all of your documents sent to your office 24 hours later! Go to the TNT stand at the trade show entrance at the beginning of your visit to pick up the bag that you can slip your catalogues into throughout your visit!
      More information on services

    • 3- Can I eat inside the trade show?

      Yes, there are several restaurants areas in the CTCO and C!Print halls.

    • 4- Is there any space where I can have a rest inside the trade show?

      In addition to the bars et restaurants, we invite you to discover a relaxation space at the center of the trade show where you can take a break in a friendly atmosphere.

    • 5- Does a Press area exist?

      There is no area dedicated to the Press inside the trade show. However, if you are a journalist with a Premium Badge (you can request this badge to bertrand.genevi@infopro-digital.com), you have access to the business bar: free drinks and light food will be at your disposal for the entire duration of the exhibition.


    • 1- Where and when will the trade shows take place?


      February 6th 2024 : 9:30am – 6pm
      February 7th 2024 : 9:30am – 6pm
      February 8th 2024 : 9:30am – 5pm


      Eurexpo Lyon // Halls 7&6.3
      Boulevard de l’Europe
      69680 Chassieu

      GPS Coordinates: Latitude : 45.736366 // Longitude : 4.955674

    • 2- How to get to the trade show ?

      You have many options to get to CTCO trade show: you can come by car and park nearby, come by train or by plane or come with the public transport. Discover all the options here

    • 3- Can I take advantage of discounts on airline tickets?

      Yes, you can benefit from preferential rates on Air France tickets by visiting the page. Access the trade show/ Access by plane

    • 4- Can I take advantage of discounts on accommodations?

      We set up a partnership with the booking platform Revolugo.com. Revolugo is a map-based hosting solution that provides discounted prices for events.
      Click here to discover this solution

    • 5- We are technicians, exhibitors and deliverymen; how do we get into the trade show?

      On the set-up day, you will be stopped at the entrance to the exhibitor car park. You must provide information on the exhibitor that implies you are there to deliver/help: name of exhibitor, stand number, exhibitor contact details and delivery pass. During the trade show, you can go straight to reception if the exhibitor has not provided you with the entry information beforehand. We can then grant you access after exchanging the above-mentioned information.