Print Lab : live customization space

The Print Lab is a space dedicated to demonstrations of different marking techniques. Benefit from expert advice, watch gifts and garment products being personalised (provided by CTCO’s exhibiting partners) and leave with your collectors.



Deposit Photos 

Deposit Photos is a photography company and a bank of royalty-free images and illustrations. We use these visuals to create the creations during the workshops.



As the leading initial vocational training centre in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, the SEPR welcomes 4,000 trainees each year. It offers apprenticeship, school or continuing education training in its 5 establishments. From the CAP to the Master’s degree, via CQP or professional branch titles, its range of courses is diversified. On the occasion of CTCO 2023, SEPR students leaded the various workshops of the print lab.