Polyester beanie

CTCO - Gifts - 2019/11/19

Cybernecard offers 8 new accessories for a comfortable winter. Beanies, necklace or a headband to keep the ears warm have therefore made their debut in the new collection.

Among them, the polyester beanie with its fake fur pompom offers an original design (available in 4 colours) thanks to contrasting topstitching that forms elegant stripes.

His strength? Its raw material. Indeed, this beanie is made from PET bottles recovered from the sea. These are then crushed, melted and spun to obtain a new polyester. Thus each unit of this model requires about 3 half-litre bottles for its manufacture. As a result, the polyester beanie (ref. MB7144) is made of 100% recycled polyester. We’re warming up without warming the planet!


recycled polyester