Alarm clock 3 in 1 “Alarm clock 2”

CTCO - Gifts - 2019/12/17

CAP Distribution, a French company founded in 2007 and specialized in digital entertainment, continues to offer increasingly stylish products. For example, it will be possible to discover on CTCO 2020, a 3-in-1 induction alarm clock with a very modern and minimalist look: Alarm Clock 2 (reference: BXCQI11N).  Available in 3 colours (black, white or green), this alarm clock allows you to charge the battery of your mobile phone (all new generation mobile -iOS, Android) and to enjoy an 8-colour night light (LED bulb). Transportable in any room of the house and even in the office, this alarm clock does not take up any space and guarantees a fast and wireless recharge (10W). Fast wireless charging charges devices up to 1.4 times faster than a standard wireless charge. And for mobiles without wireless charging, the USB type A output port allows wired charging.

A snooze mode is also available to enjoy 5 more minutes of sleep. To do this, simply activate the repeat mode. Otherwise it is possible to configure 2 alarms. The Alarm Clock 2 is guaranteed for 2 years.


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