Wooden digital alarm clock for a zen awakening

Gifts - 2019/12/30

Anda Western Europe, a Dutch company that celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020, will be present at the next edition of CTCO.

Its social responsibility is one of the company’s key characteristics. It regularly makes donations to the Red Cross, supports kindergartens and works with people with mental and physical disabilities. Finally, Anda Western Europe pays particular attention to reducing its environmental footprint. Thus, technological waste and the use of chemicals are kept to a minimum.

It is therefore during these 25 years that this company has forged itself, opting for strong values but also unique products and a wide choice available.

Among its products, the Dolbix alarm clock (AP721369-01). This digital alarm clock offers multiple features such as: thermometer, calendar or 3 lighting modes and wireless charger. Delivered with its USB cable, this small alarm clock (160x29x75mm / 210g) has a refined and zen design thanks to the wood used in a “natural” shade.

For its customization, it is made by pad printing on a surface not exceeding 40mmx40mm and in a maximum of 2 colours.


réveil bois anda