Arpe Barcelona presents its range “We love the planet”

CTCO - Gifts - 2020/01/09

Arpe Barcelona presents its new product range “We love the planet”.


Arpe Barcelona loves the planet and is aware that business must be done with minimal environmental impact. That is why they have a wide range of sustainable advertising products, designed with eco-design criteria and environmentally friendly.


They have developed a new 100% polyester microfiber fabric, made of yarn from post-consumer plastic bottles (PET) and recycled polyester fibers. In terms of energy consumption, water and CO2 emissions, the production of this recycled yarn has a lower environmental impact compared to the conventional one. With this new material, they develop high quality environmentally friendly products and bright colors. Arpe Barcelona manufactures gifts for conscious and sustainable companies, made in Europe and using 100% renewable energy. Design and manufacture Eco-Friendly towels, cosmetic bags, decorative cushions and cervical travel pillow … with endless options and accessories to achieve unique and exclusive creations tailored to the needs of each client. All the products that Arpe Barcelona manufactures are undoubtedly the best option both for its design and printing, as well as, for the OEKO-TEX Standard I certified quality that guarantees that they are free of harmful substances to people and the environment and the Global Recycled Standard Certification (GRS).


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