Imago: the mouse pad in microfibre

CTCO - 2020/01/15

The customizable mouse pad has been an essential part of object communication for years. It offers a good visibility of the brand to a very large target audience since more than 8 out of 10 French people own a computer.


A true multifunctional promotional gift, this microfibre advertising mouse pad is suitable for all types of users and all brands. In addition to cleaning various objects, this microfibre also serves as a mouse pad thanks to its silicone beads on the back. This 2 in 1 object can be easily stored in a computer bag. A soft cleaning cloth, Imago is pleasant to the touch and has an optimal hold. Characterized by its long lifespan, it is a promotional weapon that will be part of any communication strategy and will make a lasting impression.


An exceptional office accessory, the Imago brings a touch of originality to the office environment, which is often sober and hushed. Four-colour sublimation printing offers a high quality product customisation. This type of printing guarantees a faithful and resistant image quality under all conditions of use. This process is more environmentally friendly because the level of vapour emission is low in CO2. AHK Productions offers 3 different formats with straight or rounded edges. Concerned to fully meet the expectations of end users, AHK Productions also offers this custom-made advertising microfiber wipe. This gift will best enhance all communication campaigns.


tapis de souris microfibre 2 en 1 ahk