Ghost Screen®, the computer visor by Boracay

CTCO - Objet - 2020/12/21

Ghost Screen® is an innovative communication tool that protects screens from prying eyes while at the same time being a communication medium. It benefits from a large marking surface with 4 sides, allowing exceptional advertising visibility. This is a great way to boost the image of brands, companies and events.

Ideal on a train, a plane, on the terrace of a café or simply in a coworking area to work, concentrate, write, surf the internet, watch a video… It adapts to telecommuting ensuring optimal concentration with a Cocoon effect. This product protects from prying eyes thanks to its large cap, but also from daylight and any excessive brightness for the screen.

Easy to use and removable Ghost Screen® consists of a foldable cap made of recyclable cardboard paper that attaches to your computer screen. Easy to attach and remove, this visor can be positioned on a wide range of PC or Mac screens from 9” to 17”.

Ghost Screen® is available in an infinite number of finishes (lamination, selective varnish, gilding, …). Its flat folded format makes it easy to transport. 100% French, 100% responsible! Boracay manufactures the Ghost Screen® visor in France, a PEFC and Imprim’Vert certified printer, on paper from sustainably managed forests using vegetable-based inks and water-based varnishes.


Ghost Screen®