Plant card bio-sourced by Idées Nature

CTCO - Objet - 2021/01/05

To engage in a cycle of progress and continuous improvement.

For all your communications, Idées Nature offers a plant card whose bio-sourced Made In France paper is made with waste from the food industry: Kiwi, Grape, Corn, Olive or Citrus fruit!

The card is naturally dyed according to the plant that makes it up. These are uncoated papers, made from 100% green energy. They contain 30% recycled fibres and are composed of 40% post-consumer waste.  Certified acid-free – Biodegradable & Recyclable.

The card contains either a paper confetti containing honey flower seeds or an optional fully customisable kraft paper seed sachet.

Ideal for signalling an eco-responsible commitment and federating customers and partners around these values. The choice of this eco-friendly medium will make a lasting impression.

An innovative card, essential for all those who know how to make small things bloom from big things.


papier bio idées nature