IDSneakers: the new manufacturer of personalized sneakers

CTCO - 2020/11/24


IDSneakers is the new manufacturer of personalized sneakers. The company was born in 2017 with the aim of introducing a new fashion concept in the promotional product industry through the casual footwear.

The firm produces high quality sneakers totally personalized with the customer’s corporate logo, colours and the materials they choose only for the promotional market.

Designed in Barcelona

IDSneakers is a branding company and has over 40 years experience in the footwear industry. Their strength is their excellent design team able to create the perfect shoe for each project and each customer. All shoes are designed in Barcelona and totally handmade. We work with the best craftsmen of the sector, recognized worldwide. We translate into a beautiful and trendy sneaker what you tell us to do!

How they do it

Tailored to suit your customer’s needs: high quality in manufacturing reflected in the finishes, details, and materials of our sneakers. Our main materials are: Leather, suede leather, nylon, cotton or even microfibers for some models. We have a wide range of logo implementation techniques such as embroidery, printing, die-cut leather, laser cut on leather. This allows us amazingly different results on the sneaker styles we offer. Idsneakers has currently 5 different models and is working in launching a new model this spring 2021 as well as a kid’s model that will be quite a big surprise.  They even have 100% vegan sneakers and some of the materials can also be recycled

Why and What for

Personalized sneakers have different purposes. They can be used as a corporate image, for meetings, events, team building activities, commercial purposes for trade fairs or as gifts. Companies that have anniversaries, celebrations, as a welcome pack for companies to new employees, uniforms for hotel and restaurant branch, sales incentives or for social media campaigns. The uses of personalized sneakers are several and the branding implementation of them is efficient and has a very positive impact either way on the recipient and the person seeing it. If you choose personalized sneakers the recipient will use them for sure and that is the key in promotional branded items.